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Locking – if you already suspect trouble

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Selesch Schlüsseldienst

Is the key turning harder and harder? Do you think it’s time to change the lock? Would it be good to find a professional who provides good advice and is always helpful? These people are the experts at Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich.

We’ll tell you what the wisest decision is if you feel the front door lock is starting to break or is already ruined.

Let’s prevent trouble!

It is worth paying attention to our locks to make sure they are working and to detect them as soon as possible if they are not working well.

If the key gets stuck or the key is turning harder and harder, it’s time to call us at Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich and we’ll help. If you entrust the problem to us, the new lock will be of premium quality and long-lasting.

Assembly is only a matter of minutes, but the locks will be superb for years.

Schlüssel im Schloss stecken bleibt oder bricht

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If there’s a problem

The key is to avoid panic. Everything will be resolved, call Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich and we will help you get back to your apartment and restore the security of your home.

If the lock is broken, do not pull or force anything. Do not try to solve the problem alone, as this will usually only cause more material damage.

What is a good professional like?

  • He handles it patiently
  • He assesses the situation well
  • He asks a lot
  • Pays attention to details
  • Careful not to damage your door

Why choose us? 

The question is legitimate and the answer is simple:

  • Because our staff is always at your disposal in case of any lock problems 
  • Because we work quickly and reliably
  • Because we do professional work with the most up-to-date equipment
  • Because all our customers are satisfied with our work
  • Because our prices are affordable and it does not come at the expense of the quality of our work
  • Because we do conscientious work
  • Because your safety matters to us
  • Because our company has many years of experience
  • Because we help with your problem without damaging your door
  • Because for us, a satisfied customer base is more important than anything

Do your best for your safety and give us a call now.

You better save our number now, if you need our help we can hurry to help you right away.

No matter what lock problem you have, you can count on the help of Selesch Schlüsseldiens München!

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