The success of burglary almost always depends on the lock insert!

There is no unbreakable lock
If someone offers you a lock that they say is unbreakable, they are lying. There is no unbreakable lock. However, the best way is to switch to a premium quality lock, as this would prevent the vast majority of burglaries. A Chinese lock will not alert a burglar back, but they will avoid quality locks because they are being much harder and more time consuming to break. A poor quality lock does not even provide good protection. To protect your security and your belongings, call Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich and our premium locks will guarantee you the greatest possible protection.
Avoid trouble and do it for your safety!

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Common burglary techniques:
The best way to protect yourself against these methods is to replace your lock:
Cylinder Lock Break: Your locking insert will be smashed with a gripper and the door is already open.
Freezing: They use a spray or syringe to freeze the lock, which will soon surrender due to internal destruction.
knocking: A special key is inserted into the cylinder to open your door as if it had only been opened with your key.
acidification: Concentrated acid is injected inside the lock insert, which erodes the lock mechanism.
fine opening: Using a wire, the teeth of the lock insert are pushed in and the lock is turned
Lock drilling: One of the most primitive solutions is to break the lock with a drill.
core pulling: A special screw is screwed into the core of your lock insert, which is then torn out together with the core.

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If any of these happen to you…
Of course, do not panic and notify the competent authorities. Ask the Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich for help!
Why choose us?

The question is legitimate and the answer is simple:

Because our staff is always at your disposal in case of any lock problems
Because we work quickly and reliably
Because we do professional work with the most up-to-date equipment
Because all our customers are satisfied with our work
Because our prices are affordable and it does not come at the expense of the quality of our work
Because we do conscientious work
Because your safety matters to us
Because our company has many years of experience
Because we help with your problem without damaging your door
Because for us, a satisfied customer base is more important than anything

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