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According to the researchers, a written memorial referring to this area may have been made in 782, although in this writing the area is still referred to as Sentilinga. It was first mentioned in writing as Sendling in about 1050. The Thirty Years‘ War was also a difficult period for Sendling, as the village was looted several times, so the village became impoverished and the plague plagued it. From the middle of the 17th century, Sendling recovered quickly. Sendling acquired a suburban character in the 18th century.

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Compared to Munich city center, Sendling relatively survived World War II bombings and suffered far less damage than other districts. In the post-war period, a housing estate was established in the settlement and the existing houses were renovated, later the district, together with Munich, developed economically and tourism flourished. Most Schlüsseldienst Sendling Selesch users also ask for help here and we are always ready to help those who ask for help from Schlüsseldienst Sendling Selesch.

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