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To free people. Freimann was first mentioned in a document called Frienmannun in 948/95. The name means: To free people. The social structure of the district is homogeneous. As Freimann has very large commercial areas despite some reorganizations, and Schwabing has a significantly higher population density, Schwabing dominates the social fabric of the district as a whole. While Schwabing is clearly middle-class-oriented, Freimann is mainly shaped by the lower groups. Our company, Schlüsseldienst Freimann, operates in all districts of Munich. While the manufacturing industry in the district is located in Freimann, Schwabing’s job structure is clearly shaped by the service sector.

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The commercial areas are mainly located in Freimann. At Freimann, meanwhile, there is a shift in the structure of the workplace towards the service sector. The newly built administrative and office complexes have significantly increased the number of jobs. Nevertheless, the main focus of the service sector is in Schwabing. These office complexes are often equipped with outdated locks. To maintain safety, call the Schlüsseldienst Riem if a lock change is required. Schwabing-Freimann has an area of ​​25.67 km² and a population of over 78,000 and our company, the Schlüsseldienst Freimann, is available to all 78,000 people if they need our help.

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