Plastic door: need to be replaced or repaired?

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How do we open a plastic door?
It is always situation dependent. If the lock does not open even more, we can talk about lucky cases, because our specialists solve such tasks out of routine.

If the lock is stuck at a pull-up door, the entire locking mechanism may need to be replaced.

It can complicate the situation if the problem is that the door does not close. In this case, too, the entire locking mechanism may need to be replaced, but it would indicate that it is still cheaper than buying a new door.

We have already encountered quite exceptional cases. There was an example of someone pushing instant glue into the lock. But the experts at Selesch Schlüsseldiens Munich are still able to solve the problem without destruction.

We make sure that our customers get the best quality as cheaply as possible.

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Why choose us?

The question is legitimate and the answer is simple:

Because our staff is always at your disposal in case of any lock problems
Because we work quickly and reliably
Because we do professional work with the most up-to-date equipment
Because all our customers are satisfied with our work
Because our prices are affordable and it does not come at the expense of the quality of our work
Because we do conscientious work
Because your safety matters to us
Because our company has many years of experience
Because we help with your problem without damaging your door
Because for us, a satisfied customer base is more important than anything

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