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The castle and NymphenburgPark are still one of Munich’s most popular attractions. The district can be described as quiet and peaceful, and one of the most expensive and exclusive parts of Munich. Even though a neighbourhood is quiet, it is better to be careful and take care of safety. If you want to maximize safety, Schlüsseldienst Neuhausen-Nymphenburg will help. Residential areas have been built in Nymphenburg since the late 19th century, in which many examples of Wilhelmin architecture have been preserved in history, such as the villa settlement in Neuwittelsbach. These villas are often equipped with poor quality locks. Never forget how important security is!

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In addition to the trade and service sector, the jobs provided by the district are largely in the public sector. The Deutsche Bahn branch office, the Bundeswehr administrative center, the Bavarian State Criminal Police and a number of hospitals such as the Red Cross Hospital, the GermanHeart Center, the Brothers of Mercy Hospital and the Third Order Hospital are also the city’s most important social institutions. The district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg has apopulation of about 94,000 and is the second-highest population in the districts of Munich after Ramersdorf-Perlach and Schlüsseldienst Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is available to all 94,000 people if they need help.

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