If the key is broken in the lock, call a specialist.

What kind of locks do our keys break into?
The worst part is that the key can break into any lock. We may have an average door lock or a security lock, a strap lock, but even the lock on our car.
If the head of the key remains in your hand while you intend to open a lock, but the teeth will remain in the lock, it will not be pleasant under any circumstances.
Of course, in the case of premium category lock inserts, the key breaks into the lock later than in the case of cheaper and lower quality ones.

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Is it difficult to remove the key that broke into the lock?
In this case, we try to poke out the body of the key, which is not easy at all. The difficulty is that there are so many kinds of branches and variations in the lock mechanism that just one thing fits in perfectly, and that’s your key. But if the key is left in it, the remnants of it must be pierced in a very small place. It is better to entrust this work to the experts of the Selesch Schlüsseldiens München, as it is a task that requires such a high degree of precision that a bad move and the whole lock will be ruined. You don’t want to solve it alone because it’s very dangerous.

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