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For administrative and statistical purposes, the district of Bogenhausen has seven areas, namely Oberföhring, Johanneskirchen, Herzogpark, Englschalking, Daglfing, Parkstadt and Altbogenhausen. Oberföhring is located on the banks of the Isar, around the Catholic parish church of St. Lorenz. Oberföhring is an upscale residential area. It is characterized by beautiful old houses and large green areas. There are some larger modern tenements in the southeast. Johanneskirchen is located on the northeastern outskirts of the Bogenhausen district. Johanneskirchen also has the largest free areas in the district, which are used mainly for agricultural purposes. Herzogpark is a quiet, secret and extremely exclusive residential area.

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It was incorporated into Munich in 1930 as part of the Daglfing community. Daglfing has largely retained its rural character and many historic courtyards have been preserved. To the south, family-run terraced houses and some old homesteads dominate the cityscape. AltBogenhausen is one of Munich’s most desirable residential areas and the city’s highest standard apartments are located here, with the highest rental rates in Germany. These houses were often fitted with outdated locks. To maintain safety, call the Schlüsseldienst Bogenhausen if a lock change is required.

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